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Anant Nikam has risen very high in the estimation of both critics and connoisseurs within the space of a few exhibition. Looking at his graphics, one understands how challenging this art is. Every imprint is final, rather like the indelible stroke of a stone carver’s chisel.The design builds itself up gradually, dramatizing the detail of colour and texture. Nikam’s abstract patterns speak of an unusual structural strength, of a great stylistic integrity.It has as much beauty as personality.

One of the most admirable features of Nikam’s career is that he has emerged from the mofussil. Born in Ambejogai, he represents the dazzling Renaissance that has recently swept over non-urban Maharashtra Nikam’s journey from rural Marathwada to Bhopal’s Bharat Bhavan (where he works) must be measured by the strides of a giant. Which, in graphics, he already is. His work promotes the impression of a graphic grandeur… it has mystery, subtlety and consistency.

Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni

Art critic, Mumbai

27th October 1993



Anant Nikam is that rare phenomenon an artist entirely dedicated to printmaking. He comes from Marathwada and probably came in touch with modern friends in art only when he joined the staff of Sir J.J.School of Art in 1986.But the maturity of Nikam’s works suggests that the spark was already in him when he was studying art in Aurangabad ready to explode, Over the years he has evolved his own vision along line suitable for the making of graphics.

In Nikam’s current work one sees an expressive organization of motif. The manner in which they are arranged has an architectural precision.This transforms most motifs into symbols.

In Nikam’s most recent graphics we see much greater freedom than was exercised earlier. There is breathing space allowed for his subtle designs. They thus throb with a dynamic feeling and all this without the need of flamboyant colours.

Nikam proved his worth by winning “honourable mention” at Bhopal’s first print biennale this year. This is a rare honour indeed. E was then invited to a 12-day print workshop by Bhart Bhavan, one of the premier art centers in this country, located Bhopal.

So we see that Nikam has his feet firmly planted in soil of quality print-making. His new show is bound to be aturning point in his career.

Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni

Art critic, Mumbai


Workshop Gallery

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