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My foray into abstraction happened via printmaking , lino etching. It helped to hone my technique and play around with textural surfaces while formulating a personal visual vocabulary of sign and symbols rooted in folk and tribal traditions.

  I believe that my  works mirror my personality- they are  restrained, calm and poised.  I  structure space with an austere palette of umbers, yellow ochres and grays.  The images  tumble from the subconscious mind, distilled from varied sources that include childhood imprints in my native place and the innumerable rituals conducted by the women of the household.  The syntax of triangular configurations, parabolic curves, slashes, and petal like forms dimly recall the votive offerings  made as mannat or wishes by village folk at roadside shrines,  dargahs  or other  pilgrimage places. The works are invested with an air of spirituality.  My prints spaces are like a silent prayer.          




                                                                                                                               ©2020 all rights reserved  www, website designed by devidasagase

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